Mila Strnad, Managing Director of Frederick Phelps Ltd, has over thirty years' experience in the violin business, and in that time has established himself as a world renowned violin and bow expert, enabling him to issue a well recognised and respected certificates of authenticity and offer a first class valuation service.




Frederick Phelps Ltd has a policy in providing an objective and realistic valuation of any given instrument or bow by providing either:


  • A letter of valuation for insurance purposes, charged at 2.5% +VAT of the actual value
  • A verbal valuation (not for insurance purposes) to establish the provenanc, for which we charge a minimum of £50 +VAT




Frederick Phelps Ltd offer full and numbered certificates of authenticity including photographs, which are charged at 4% +VAT of the actual value of the instrument or bow.


If you would like to arrange an appointment for a valuation or certification, please contact us on:
+44 (0)20 8482 3887 or